A woman rows before the Agip Oboma flow station in Okoroma, Nigeria 2006, Ed Kashi A woman rows before the Agip Oboma flow station in Okoroma, Nigeria 2006, Ed Kashi

We foster innovative multi-sectoral collaboration to address complex crises related to natural resources, the environment and/or climate change.

  • We enable actors to understand the different parties to natural resource conflicts – their positions, interests, and possible strategies and scenarios – in order to build trust in processes designed to identify solutions.
  • We foster modes of collaboration between different actors designed to overcome low trust and to encourage joint work towards sustainable outcomes around natural resource-related conflicts.
  • We help actors overcome their mutual suspicion or come together to improve the lives of those affected by environmental conflict and degradation to be improved.
  • We explore creative – and at times unconventional – partnerships to resolve big environmental issues, particularly those related to climate change.

Currents Programmes and Projects


Trust-building for effective natural resource management: Since 2013, TrustWorks has been working with the extractives sector in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East to foster conflict-sensitive practices that reduce violence and improve access to livelihoods. Based on an participatory trust-building methodology designed and implemented by TrustWorks, this programme engages both senior leadership and front-line operational staff from extractive companies through training, coaching, accompaniment and mentoring. As and where necessary, TrustWorks engagement in these initiatives involves tailored process design for effective stakeholder engagement and dialogue.

5. Natural resource conflict Horn

Analysis of natural resource-related conflicts in the Horn of Africa: TrustWorks has led complex analysis exercises of natural resource-related conflicts in the Horn of Africa to support peacemaking efforts. These analytical exercises combined the expertise of international and national specialists and were designed to identify opportunities to reduce conflict and improve livelihoods through sustainable and responsible natural resource engagements on the one hand, and to explore natural resources as entry-points for political peace mediation efforts on the other.

6. Remora

Remora – Restoring Ocean Resilience, Navigating Ocean Rejuvenation: The complex challenges of ocean health restoration call for integrated solutions. We believe that today’s challenges require ambitious, creative multi-stakeholder partnerships that bring together actors from the public and private sector who may have little to no experience engaging with one another, let alone working together to achieve a common objective. Remora is an ambitious and visionary multi-year programme that brings together the commercial shipping industry, the scientific community and marine conservationists to foster sustainable solutions to the climate crisis. The project is anchored by an ‘ecosystem’ approach which leverages the untapped potential of commercial vessels to catalyse collaboration and change for the future of our oceans and our planet. This project will be launched in 2021.

Areas of Work

Local approaches to peace mediation

We support local approaches to peace mediation through the inclusion of business actors, armed groups, religious and tribal leaders, and communities.

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Peace and security challenges

We equip diverse international, regional and national organisations with the required knowledge, skills and capacities to address 21st century peace and human security challenges.

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