Armed militants with MEND make a show of arms in support of their fallen comrades deep in the swamps of the Niger Delta, Nigeria, 2006, Ed Kashi Armed militants with MEND make a show of arms in support of their fallen comrades deep in the swamps of the Niger Delta, Nigeria, 2006, Ed Kashi

We equip diverse international, regional and national organisations with the required knowledge, skills and capacities to address 21st century peace and human security challenges.

  • We develop or support conflict and resilience analysis for organizations to inform and guide organizational plans and programmes.
  • We enable organizations to re-think alternative approaches to pressing and/or emerging threats to international peace and security.
  • We support organizational strategic planning exercises.
  • We provide guidance on how to manage risks to organizations, with a view to enabling the delivery of interventions that achieve social impact.
  • We strengthen staff capacity through training, mentoring and mediation support on approaching complexity, and on managing difficult partnerships and difficult conversations.
  • We conduct policy-relevant research on pressing and innovative areas of work for international, regional and national actors

Currents Programmes and Projects

7. Sahel

Supporting the UN to analyse conflict and support sustainable peace in the Sahel: The Sahel region continues to be embroiled in complex, multi-dimensional crises in two increasingly intertwined hot-spot areas: in Liptako Gourma and the Lake Chad basin. In Liptako Gourma, TrustWorks led extensive analytical exercises designed to elucidate entry-points for fostering sustainable peace and access to livelihoods; the analysis focuses on both the drivers of conflict and on the impacts of the ‘triple nexus’ approach to the crisis on the part of international actors. In the Lake Chad Basin, TrustWorks supports international efforts to develop and implement – using highly participatory approaches - a comprehensive strategy for dealing with the Boko Haram crisis.


Supporting the UN to include marginalised youth in peacebuilding in Tunisia: Including marginalised youth in peacebuilding processes – often defined as those not in education, employment or training (NEETs) requires highly tailored and contextualised strategies and approaches. This project supported international actors to elaborate a bottom-up approach to including and empowering youth to understand and address the challenges facing their communities. Rather than proposing externally designed solutions, the highly participatory approach used in this project was designed to provide youth with any additional knowledge and skills required to design and implement short-, medium- and long-term projects, often in collaboration with local municipalities and other actors.

Local approach

Exploring a comprehensive strategy on social cohesion in Lebanon: In light of the overlapping crises in Lebanon – including financial collapse, the Beirut blast, the repercussions of the October Revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic – TrustWorks is supporting the UN to explore tailored, conflict-sensitive and context specific options for re-building trust and addressing the fragility of the social contract.

Areas of Work

Local approaches to peace mediation

We support local approaches to peace mediation through the inclusion of business actors, armed groups, religious and tribal leaders, and communities.

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Natural resources and climate change

We foster innovative multi-sectoral collaboration to address complex crises related to natural resources, the environment and/or climate change.

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