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Abraham Ename Minko

Junior Consultant

Abraham Ename Minko is a junior research consultant at TrustWorks. He is an African researcher focusing on peace studies and conflict resolution with more than five years of professional experience; he is currently enrolled as a PhD student in Political Science and International Relations at Istanbul University, Turkey.

His research, teaching and policy-oriented work focuses on armed conflict and political violence together with understanding and evaluation of processes of conflict prevention, management, and peacebuilding in fragile and post-conflict contexts. His research focuses on the role of international and regional organizations, particularly the United Nations, in peace operations, peace-making, and peacebuilding.

Since 2015, Abraham has undertaken several trainings related to conflict resolution, peacebuilding and mediation, including: Conflict prevention with Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre(Ghana); introduction to peacebuilding with the Unites States Institute of Peace (USA), Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution with Peace Operations Training Institute (USA), amongst others.


Regional Specialization


Thematic Specialization

Peacebuilding, peace and conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation, crisis management, human rights, security studies.


French, English and Turkish