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Andrea Spignoli

Junior Consultant

Andrea is a Junior Consultant at TrustWorks with experience researching global governance solutions and international negotiations in the fields of business and human rights, climate change, and sustainable development. He is particularly interested in how states, international organizations, the private sector, and civil society find ways to cooperate with each other for common causes.

In addition to his work at Trustworks, Andrea is currently Research Assistant to the Chair of the Global Business Initiative on Human Rights. Prior to this, he carried out an internship at the Global Government & Regulatory Affairs department of the Heneiken company. He is also co-founder and member of QUT, an online blog to which he contributes with articles and podcasts on political affairs, climate change, conflicts, and humanitarian crises.

Andrea obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs from the University of Bologna (Italy) and recently graduated from a master’s in International Development Studies at Wageningen University & Research (The Netherlands), where he specialized in Politics and Governance of Development. His master’s thesis critically analyzed international negotiations around extraterritorial obligations for states in the field of business and human rights.

Regional Specialization


Thematic Specialization

Global governance, business and human rights, climate change


English, Italian and Spanish