Maja Peterson TrustWorks Global

Maja Peterson

Junior Consultant

Maja is a Junior Consultant at TrustWorks. She has 2-3 years of experience working with foreign policy, peacebuilding, governance and violence prevention.

Maja started her career as an intern at Cure Violence, working on stopping and preventing community-based violence. After her Bachelor’s degree she moved to Jordan where she worked as an intern at UNDP’s Regional Hub for the Peacebuilding, Rule of law and Governance team with a focus on Preventing Violent Extremism and conflict prevention. She then became a political officer for the Swedish Embassy in Jordan. As a political officer she conducted research, wrote and analyzed reports on gender equality, socio-economic issues, democracy, security and human rights in Jordan and the region. She also created, managed and implemented various projects for the Embassy. She is particularly interested in creating comprehensive and dynamic ways to prevent conflict and promote peace with a focus on diversity and social inclusion.

Maja recently graduated from University of St Andrews with a Master’s degree in Peacebuilding and Mediation. She has focused her research on violence prevention, DDR and armed governance in Latin America. She completed a Mediator Training Course accredited by the Scottish Mediation Register. In her master’s thesis she examined useful strategies to tackle gang violence in Sweden.

Regional Specialization

Middle East and Latin America

Thematic Specialization

Project management, peacebuilding, violence prevention and social inclusion


English, Swedish and working on improving her Spanish