TrustWorks GLobal Geneva Mathilde Betant-Rasmussen

Mathilde Betant-Rasmussen


Mathilde is a Junior Consultant at TrustWorks Global with a background in human rights, foreign affairs and conflict analysis.

Mathilde has spent the last two years working as Political Officer at the European Union (EU) Delegation to Ghana. During this period, she conducted various analyses and reports on the local context, focusing specifically on the political, human rights and security factors and dynamics. She also led on the multilateral lobbying efforts and the EU’s bilateral political dialogue with the Ghanaian Government. She previously worked at the European Parliament Research Service (EPRS), where she analysed global security and defence trends as well as jihadist networks in sub-Saharan Africa. She has also worked for the International Crisis Group where she contributed to the monthly conflict tracker CrisisWatch, including identifying risks of escalation and resolution opportunities for a range of fragile and conflict-affected settings.

Mathilde obtained a Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature at King’s College London, and she later graduated with a Master’s degree in Human Rights and Politics from the London School of Economics (LSE). In her final year at LSE, she wrote her dissertation on humanitarian engagement with Non-State Armed Groups in Eastern DRC, which paved the way for her interest in conflict analysis and prevention.

Regional Specialization

Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically West and Central Africa

Thematic Specialization

Human rights, humanitarian engagement, conflict analysis, conflict prevention, conflict mediation, peacebuilding


French, Danish, English, Spanish