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van Beijnum

Senior Peacebuilding Advisor

Mariska van Beijnum is the Director of the Conflict Research Unit of the Clingendael Institute based in The Hague. She is a leading expert in peacebuilding, development cooperation and humanitarian assistance in fragile and conflict-affected states.

As Director of the Conflict Research Unit, Ms. van Beijnum manages a team of nine researchers conducting research on the nexus of security and development. She is responsible for the overall management of the Unit (business development, acquisition and personnel management) and its annual budget of 1.2 million euros. In this capacity, Ms. van Beijnum is an experienced manager and team leader.

Prior to joining the Clingendael Institute in 2006, she held a research position at the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working on the evaluation of local governance assistance through Municipal International Cooperation and on the Evaluation of Dutch Humanitarian Assistance.

Ms. van Beijnum has been conducting research and evaluations in the field of peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction since 2001. She has worked for a wide range of bilateral donors, including the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the United Kingdom's Department for International Development (DFID); the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (Danida); the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA); the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD); and, the Canadian International Development Agency. She has also worked with a diverse multilateral organisations including the UN Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO); the United Nations Development Programme's Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Response (UNDP/BCPR) and the World Bank.

Specializing in aid architecture and transition financing issues in fragile and conflict-affected situations, Ms. Van Beijnum has extensive experience supporting the international community's endeavours to enhance the effectiveness of their engagements in fragile and conflict-affected situations. As an experienced evaluator, Ms. Van Beijnum translates the outcomes of these to policy and organisational practice. She is also well-versed in designing and managing evaluation projects and impact assessments.

Since 2007, Ms. van Beijnum serves on the Board of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), a member-led network of civil society organisations active in the field of conflict prevention and peacebuilding across the world.

Ms. van Beijnum studied political sciences and governance at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and humanitarian assistance at the University of Groningen and the University of Uppsala (Sweden).

Selected Publications, Reports and Lectures

Challenges and opportunities to peacebuilding: analysis of strategic issues identified by country-specific PBF evaluations, Clingendael Institute, 2013.

Fragile States, co-authored with Jort Hemmer; in: Continuity and insecurity in a changing world - Clingendael Strategic Monitor 2012 (ed. Jaïr van der Lijn and Andrea Teftedarija), Clingendael Institute, 2012.

The Dutch fragile states policy - Inventarisation and appreciation of the results achieved under policy priority 'security and development in fragile states', co-authored with Hans Hoebeke and Koen Vlassenroot, Clingendael Institute 2011.

Managing risks in fragile and transitional contexts: The price of success?, co-authored with ODI and PDT in OECD/DAC Conflict and Fragility Series, OECD, 2011.

Pooled funding for transition at the country level, co-authored with Nicole Ball, prepared for the UNDG/ECHA Task Team on Financing for Transition, New York, 2010.

Non-paper on Pooled Funding Mechanisms in Post-Conflict Situations, co-authored with Rutger Kaput, Clingendael Institute, 2009.

Review of the Peacebuilding Fund, co-authored with Nicole Ball, Department for International Development (DFID), 2009.

3C Approach to Fragile and Conflict Situations - Taking stock of commitments and challenges, co-authored with Louise Anten and Leontine Specker, Clingendael Institute, 2009.

Whole of Government Approaches to Security System Reform, co-authored with Louise Anten and Evert Kets, Clingendael Institute, 2008.

Multi-Donor Trust Funds in Post-Conflict Situations: Findings of existing reviews translated to Dutch policy practice, Clingendael Institute, 2007.

Thematic specialisations

Development cooperation and humanitarian assistance in fragile and conflict-affected situations; aid architecture and aid effectiveness, coordination and coherence (whole-of-government/whole-of-system approaches); monitoring and evaluation; and, financing modalities

Regional specialisations



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