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Senior Natural Resource Management Advisor

Dennis Hamro-Drotz is a Finnish national who has been working with the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) Post-Conflict and Disaster Managament Branch between 2009-2013. Today he works as Commercial Director / Senior Consultant for Alleco Ltd., a Finnish environmental consultancy company specialised in the marine and freshwater environment. 

In his work for the UN, Mr. Hamro-Drotz focused on natural resource management, conflict prevention, mediation and resolution in conflict and disaster areas, advising national governments and the UN system on these issues. Mr. Hamro-Drotz has been involved in UNEP projects and assessments in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Sahel region in West Africa and Central Asia. He has also coordinated UNEP's work on “Environmental diplomacy” since 2009. 

Mr. Hamro-Drotz has been the lead author of the following publications: Livelihood security: Climate change, migration and conflict in the Sahel (2011); Haiti - Dominican Republic: Environmental challenges in the border zone (2013); and Moving from confrontation to cooperation: Environmental diplomacy for conflict prevention, conflict management and peacebuilding (forthcoming). 

Prior to his engagement with UNEP, Mr. Hamro-Drotz worked for the Nordic Investment Bank in Helsinki as an environmental analyst. His main responsibilities at the Nordic Investment Bank included assessing and evaluating environmental and social risks and opportunities of potential large-scale investments (EUR 5-150 million) in various sectors - including energy, finance, infrastructure, retail etc. and geographical areas - including Nordics, Baltics, eastern Europe, and China. He was also a key member in the team that developed and implemented the Bank's new environmental and social policy in 2008.

Mr. Hamro-Drotz has also worked within the Finnish private sector (for Wärtsilä corporation), served as a diver with the Finnish Navy's special forces, and has directed documentary films for the Finnish Broadcasting Company. 

He holds a Masters of Science in physical geography and marine biology from the University of Helsinki as well as a Masters of Science (economics) from the Hanken School of Economics.

Selected Publications, Reports and Lectures

Livelihood security: Climate change, migration and conflict in the Sahel. UN Environment Programe, 2011.

Climate diplomacy in perspective - chapter on "Food security as key element of livelihood security". Adelphi Research, ISBN: 978-3-8305-3055-8, 2012.

Haiti - Dominican Republic: Environmental challenges in the border zone. UN Environment Programme, 2013.

Conflict or Cooperation - Environmental Diplomacy in Conflict Prevention, Conflict Management and Peacebuilding. UN Environment Programme, forthcoming 2014.

Thematic specialisations

Natural resource management, Environmental diplomacy, Corporate social responsibility, International Financial Institutions

Regional specialisations

Sahel, East Africa, Caribbean, Central Asia, Arctic


English, French, Spanish, Swedish (mother tongue), Finnish