We use independent, impartial analysis; targeted, comprehensive capacity-building; and, inclusive mediation processes to build trust. Trust, however is only the beginning, not the end of the process.

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For all general enquiries please contact info@trustworksglobal.com or call +44(0) 20 7873 2237 to speak with a member of the TrustWorks team.

Photo credits

  • At a Total gas drilling installation in Rivers State, a Chinese contracter, ZPED, works with Nigerians and the French company to drill for gas. Nigeria, 2006, Ed Kashi
  • A soldier prays in the Timurid-era Jama Masjid, Herat, Afghanistan, 2004, David Trilling
  • A woman harvests sorghum in Alghawader Village, Al Hudaydah Governorate, Yemen, 2012, Michael Kirby Smith
  • A girl fights for food at a distribution point in the aftermath of Haiti's 2010 earthquake, Port Au Prince, Haiti, February 2010 - Michael Kirby Smith
  • Young man makes charcoal in a forest clearing, Luwero, Uganda, 2008, Lauren Welles
  • A woman rows before the Agip Oboma flow station in Okoroma, Nigeria 2006, Ed Kashi
  • Armed militants with MEND make a show of arms in support of their fallen comrades deep in the swamps of the Niger Delta, Nigeria, 2006, Ed Kashi
  • Orphaned children play on seesaw during school recess, Mpigi, Uganda, 2008, Lauren Welles
  • Bongale women learn to read and write near Monkoto, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2013, Cody Pope

" TrustWorks and its Director, Josie Lianna Kaye, are very insightful and passionate about their work on trust building. Their unique methodology is very engaging and effectively translates trust into a business critical issue. Their approach is value-adding for any organisation seeking to increase its trust building capability in complex operating environments. "

Mutiu Sunmono
Country Chair Shell Companies in Nigeria and Managing Director Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC)

" The TrustWorks team is an invaluable partner in analyzing complex and sensitive conflict contexts, capable of identifying both drivers of conflict and opportunities to address the most intractable cases. Our recent experience working together in the Horn of Africa demonstrated that they are quick to adapt to new environments, swiftly applying their global expertise to specific contexts. "

Yann Lebrat
Manager, Extractive Industries Governance Adam Smith International (ASI)

" TrustWorks speaks everyone's language and is in the best position to connect business and development / peacebuilding actors; we share with TrustWorks a keen interest to help businesses have a positive impact on conflict-affected and fragile contexts. "

Andrea Iff
Senior Researcher/Project Coordinator, Business and Peace

" The TrustWorks' team members are among the most experienced in the world in their professional fields. Making their knowledge and expertise available to businesses in conflict-affected countries is an invaluable asset - for businesses and conflict-affected countries alike. "

Francesco Mancini
Senior Director of Research
International Peace Institute

" TrustWorks' approach, which links conflict prevention with sustainable economic development in conflict-affected, fragile and developing contexts, has been overlooked for too long. Bridging the gap between the private sector, local communities and national authorities alike - in order to create shared value - is an area in which Alleco Ltd. is proud to cooperate with TrustWorks. "

Jouni Leinikki
CEO, Alleco Ltd