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Benjamin Miller

Senior Advisor

Ben Miller’s work centers on the social and political impacts of investment and private sector business operations in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. He focuses in particular on the application of conflict-sensitivity and conflict risk mitigation in practice in the context of specific investments and business operations; and on approaches to policy, assurance, and engagement that foster the operationalization of conflict sensitive approaches to business operations.

Over his career, Ben has contributed substantially to public knowledge of conflict sensitive business, having developed several tools for practitioners and published on a range of topics relating to business, conflict, and peace. Ben has worked with companies in the extractive industries, construction, fast moving consumer goods, renewable energy, and commercial agriculture, has completed professional field assignments in more than 25 countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. He is currently working on a research project on the interaction between SMEs and violence in urban settings.

For 11 years, Ben worked in the Responsible Business Practice Area at CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, leading CDA’s work with the private sector for several years. Ben’s work at CDA included: leading collaborative learning projects on “business and peace” and business operations in the presence of illegal armed groups; managing CDA’s partnerships with companies; performing asset-level conflict sensitivity and conflict risk assessments; developing practical analysis and implementation tools for extractive industries companies; and representing CDA in the Voluntary Principles Initiative. Ben also published and presented widely on a range of issues related to business, fragility, and conflict.

As an independent consultant, Ben has worked for a range of clients, including NGOs, multi-national corporations, consortia of companies, multi-sector initiatives, think tanks, and DFIs.

Ben holds a Master’s in Social Anthropology from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor’s in the same field from Harvard University.


Regional Specialization


Thematic Specialization

Conflict-sensitive business operations, business in fragile and conflict-affected states, heightened human rights due diligence, conflict risk mitigation, illegal armed groups, stakeholder engagement and community relations, the private sector and peace, governance.

Selected Publications

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