Emma Ciccarelli - TrustWorks Global Geneva

Emma Ciccarella

Junior consultant

Emma is a Junior Consultant at TrustWorks Global with experience in regional conflict analysis, prevention and mediation. As a French and British dual national, Emma pursued most of her studies in France, where she obtained a Bachelors degree in Social, Economic and Political Science at the Institut Catholique de Paris, and later graduated with a Master’s degree in Psychology from the London School of Economics (LSE) where she focused her research on political psychology and understanding the psychological barrier to dialogue in polarizing contexts. She later acquired professional experience in the analysis and management of mediation efforts around armed conflicts, with a particular focus on Africa and the Middle East.

After a brief passage in journalism, she worked in the French Cour des Comptes’ International Relations Department, contributing to its multilateral cooperation. She later deepened her knowledge of conflict resolution in Africa and the MENA region while working with Promediation, an NGO specializing in mediation and support for peace processes in conflict zones. Emma has also worked as part of International Crisis Group’s Sahel team in Dakar, where she analysed the social, economic, and political drivers of the jihadist expansion in the Sahel and explored potential avenues for dialogue between insurgent armed groups and the Malian government.

Armed with a strong interest in the psychological, social and political components of conflict, she actively participates in programmes and workshops on conflict transformation and International Humanitarian Law while also contributing to publications on violent extremism and conflict dynamics in the Sahel.

Regional Specialization

West Africa, East Africa

Thematic Specialization

conflict mediation, multi-track diplomacy, conflict transformation, transitional justice, political psychology, violent extremism


French, English