Governance Governance

We work with multilateral organisations, governments and non-governmental organisations – including the United Nations and partners – to provide them with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to undertake effective and efficient peacemaking and peacebuilding endeavours, including on issues such as local approaches to peace, HDP nexus and strategic planning; we have a particularly strong focus on natural resources, climate change and conflict (environmental peacebuilding) and supporting peace actors to more effectively engage licit and illicit business actors.

  • Conduct conflict analysis, including political economy and conflict-sensitivity: Working closely with our local partners in a diverse range of FCS, we conduct conflict analysis, with a focus on political economy/power analyses and conflict-sensitivity.
  • Support on programme and strategy design: Support on the development of participatory programme and strategy design for key issues, particularly those that are cross-cutting.
  • Provide support on Humanitarian-Development-Peace (HDP) nexus issues: We support actors to design and implement HDP nexus-specific strategies, leveraging our inter-disciplinary expertise.
  • Foster effective strategic planning processes: Ensure effective positioning of actors in specific FCS as well as internal and external coherence and effectiveness through effective strategic planning.
  • Public-private alliance-building and boundary breaking: We foster constructive partnerships between public and private actors, as well as civil society to address some of the most challenging issues of our time.
  • Innovation and the use of new technologies: We leverage the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence through data-informed but human-designed and led programmes.



  • Ensure robust risk management and monitoring: Establish FCS-specific risk management processes and conflict-sensitivity monitoring mechanisms.
  • Training and accompaniment: Ensure staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to operate effectively in FCS via training, mentoring and accompaniment.
  • Ensure effective stakeholder management: Foster constructive and sustainable relationships with critical stakeholders within and outside of FCS.
  • Manage and lead through crises: Ensure effective crisis management and communications through leadership support, media engagement and advisory.

What we do

TrustWorks Global companies


We work with companies (MNCs and SMEs) in fragile and conflict-affected settings to provide them with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills on how to operate in a manner that minimises the negative and maximises the positive impacts on peace and stability - through the development of heightened human rights due diligence and conflict-sensitivity analyses and road maps, and relevant operational support, training, facilitation and mediation.

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TrustWorks Global Investors


We work with investors with portfolios, investments and/or funds in fragile and conflict-affected settings – including Development Financial Institutions (DFIs), impact and commercial/institutional investors - to provide them with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to put in place the HQ-level policy processes and country-level level investment frameworks and practices to ensure, a minimum, conflict-sensitive and, ideally, peace-promoting investments; we also assist investors with risk/crisis management and monitoring frameworks.

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