A woman with her children, Camp de Goudebo, Burkina Faso, 2016, Paul Absalon A woman with her children, Camp de Goudebo, Burkina Faso, 2016, Paul Absalon

TrustWorks enables public and private actors – including companies, investors, governments and global institutions – to operate in fragile and conflict-affected settings in a manner that is responsible, collaborative and innovative.

TrustWorks is a Geneva-based social enterprise with three inter-related objectives:

  • Responsible: We support private and public actors to develop and implement context-specific, conflict-sensitive strategies to achieve their organizational objectives in FCS in a manner that at a minimum does ‘no harm’ and, where possible, maximises their unique potential to have positive impacts on conflict and stability.
  • Collaborative: We drive powerful, novel and unusual cross-boundary collaboration – breaking down siloes between private and public actors – to address critical conflict- and stability-related challenges in FCS that cannot be solved by any one actor or sector alone.
  • Innovative: We push the boundaries of current knowledge and practice of private and public actors in FCS – challenging conventional ways of doing things – to achieve more effective, efficient and impactful outcomes on conflict and stability.

We believe that trust and courage are essential for generating and sustaining meaningful change; they enable creativity because a more sustainable, equitable and peaceful future requires different, sometimes innovative means.

TrustWorks’ engagement is further based on principles of respectful and honest collaboration, inclusivity and diversity; at the heart of this approach is the notion of accountability – for our partners and ourselves.

Drawing upon our extensive experience across different sectors, a range of perspectives from multinational, through government and to local community-based organizations, and access to diverse local and global networks, we want to work with diverse partners who exercise trust and courage in taking action for positive change.