A woman with her children, Camp de Goudebo, Burkina Faso, 2016, Paul Absalon A woman with her children, Camp de Goudebo, Burkina Faso, 2016, Paul Absalon

TrustWorks engages public and private actors across sectors to resolve intractable conflicts using strategic approaches that foster trust, courage and creativity. We are a social enterprise that focuses on:

  • Supporting local approaches to peace mediation through the inclusion of business actors, armed groups, religious and tribal leaders, and communities;
  • Fostering innovative multi-sectoral collaboration to prevent or address complex crises related to natural resources, the environment and climate change; and,
  • Equipping diverse organisations with analytical, risk and resilience capacities to address 21st century peace and human security challenges.

We believe that trust and courage are essential for generating and sustaining meaningful change; they enable creativity because a more sustainable, equitable and peaceful future requires different, sometimes innovative means.     

TrustWorks’ engagement is further based on a feminist ethos and its principles of respectful and honest collaboration, inclusivity and diversity; at the heart of this approach is the notion of accountability – for our partners and ourselves. Drawing upon our extensive experience across different sectors, a range of perspectives from multinational, through government and to local community-based organizations, and access to diverse local and global networks, we want to work with diverse partners who exercise trust and courage in taking action for positive change.