Chiara Rosellini TrustWorks Global Geneva

Chiara Rosellini

Junior consultant

Chiara is a Junior Consultant at TrustWorks Global with experience in human rights, peacebuilding, humanitarian aid, conflict prevention, and conflict analysis.

Chiara recently worked in the Advocacy and Operations Division at the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA) where she focused on supporting a coordinated approach to addressing basic human needs in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover. Prior to her role at OCHA, she worked for the Small Arms Survey in Geneva, where she analysed the use of explosive weapons by insurgencies and terrorist groups in asymmetrical conflicts in West Africa and their impact on the security and stability in affected states. While working closely with FAO on food insecurity and policy responses in West Africa, she also developed a strong interest in the complex relationships between food security, environment, and violent armed conflict.

She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science from the School of International and Political Studies in Paris and gained valuable insights into humanitarian diplomacy and diplomacy practice, notably during her experiences within the internal security and military services of the French Embassy in Russia, Morocco and Italy. She later moved to Milan to pursue a Master’s degree in Human Rights and International Cooperation from the University of Milan (Statale).

She went onto obtain an LLM in International Law of Armed Conflict and Human Rights at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights and wrote her LLM thesis on the risk of arms transfers falling into the “wrong hands” focusing on the situation in Afghanistan, later published

Regional Specialization

West Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan

Thematic Specialization

Humanitarian diplomacy, conflict mediation, human rights and governance, peacebuilding, arms control and disarmament, food security, conflict analysis


French, English, Italian, Arabic (basic), Russian (basic)