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Guillaume Lacaille

Senior Associate

Guillaume Lacaille is an independent expert on international security in Africa and the Principal Adviser of the EU Commission’s Security Sector Reform Facility.

With more than 20 years of experience serving in EU and UN field missions and working in research centers, he leads strategic assessments, evaluations and analyses in security sector assistance and stabilisation. He is currently particularly involved in supporting different EU security cooperation initiatives in Sahel and the littoral countries of West Africa.

Trained in international relations at the School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University, he has lived in West, Central and East Africa. He worked there as the political adviser and armed groups expert for EUCAP Sahel Mali, MONUSCO and ONUCI, as well as a senior analyst for the International Crisis Group, a DDR specialist for the World Bank and the programme manager of a research programme in political economy analysis for DFID. More recently, back in Europe, he was the Head of Advisory Field Support for the ISSAT department of the DCAF Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance, coordinating a team of a dozen SSR specialists in support to multiple multilateral and bilateral donors.

Before working in Africa, Guillaume also served as political attaché at the Embassy of Luxembourg in Washington during the 2005 Luxembourg’s presidency of the Council of the EU, and completed military training, service and reserve in the French Military Intelligence Agency as an Army first-lieutenant.

Regional Specialization

West Africa

Thematic Specialization

Security sector reform, Countering and preventing violent extremism, Stabilisation, Political analysis and programme evaluation


English, French

Selected Publications

  • “Generating a Joint Political Approach to Stabilization” (UN Support Stabilization unit, Jun. 2012); ”Do no harm: assessing a military approach to the Lord’s Resistance Army” (Journal of Eastern African Studies, Apr. 2012);
  • “Stabilizing the Congo” (Oxford Refugees Studies Centre, Dec. 2011);
  • "Renewing MONUSCO’S Mandate: What Role Beyond the Elections?" (International Peace Institute, May 2011);
  • “Diagnostic Study of the FDLR” and “Diagnostic Study of the Lord’s Resistance Army” (World Bank TDRP, Nov.2012 and Jun. 2011).
  • "No Stability in Kivu despite Rapprochement with Rwanda”, Africa Report N°165, 16 Nov. 2010; “A Stalled Democratic Agenda”, Africa Briefing N°73, 8 Apr. 2010; “A Comprehensive Strategy to Disarm the FDLR”, Africa Report N°151, 9 Jul. 2009